Fuel concentration

Achieving a flow state is no easy feat when surrounded by conversations and activities. Acoustic insulation and absorption help to develop a calm environment where team members can concentrate and perform at their very best. 


Rockfon Canva Wall Panel - Office Environment #5

Encourage flexibility

Everyone is unique in the way that they like to work and collaborate. From hanging dividers to floor screens, flexible acoustic solutions make it easy for employees to customise privacy and noise levels to their preferences, whatever those might be. 

DocuSign headquarters, Dublin, Ireland. Tropic with open plenum ceiling, adjoining meeting room with Mono Acoustic

Safeguard Privacy

Some conversations are undoubtedly confidential. By implementing effective acoustic absorption measures, employees can rest assured that their private discussions remain private. And besides the sense of security, they can communicate without unnecessary concerns about disturbing their colleagues.

NL, Sante Partners, Tiel, Wim Nauta Interieurarchitectuur, Office, Rockfon Krios, A24-edge, 600x600x20, White, Chicago Metallic Matt White 11, Open Plan Office