Durable performance

Durable materials should keep their performance for a long time without maintenance or regular replacement. That means durable materials are a better investment in more ways than one: they consume less resources, create less waste, and can spread the environmental impact of manufaturing over a longer period of time. In this way, durability is an essential aspect of eco-efficiency and sustainable production and consumption.

This applies to every material used in construction – from the foundation to the ceiling. Our stone wool products are durable and offer outstanding performance in acoustics, fire and moisture prevention, enabling specifiers to realise their vision with a building that is cost-effective to owners.

Top quality acoustics

Our solutions don’t only provide high quality acoustic performance through sound absorption, but they also maintain their acoustic properties over time so you can be sure the ceiling sounds as great as it did the day it was installed.


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Fights against mould and mildew

A product considered as highly durable should be able to withstand the pressures of mould, mildew and corrosion. Also, because it is non-organic and vapor absorbent, our stone wool solutions can “breathe” with the activities of a building, even in moist spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.


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Fire safety

Fire safety is another important consideration, as building materials should be non-combustible and fire resistant to ensure long-term durabilityOur non-combustible stone wool ceiling tiles retain their fire resistance over time, which gives you extra time for a safe escape in the case of fire


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Other product benefits