338.000 students around the world have a better learning environment because of Rockfon

Less energy

Up to 23% less electric energy is consumed when Rockfon ceilings are used.

Sustainability also means wellbeing

A good soundscape can improve your productivity by 50% according to a 2018 Ramboll study. Noisy schools meant that kids scored lower on standardised tests, decreased staff wellbeing and patient recovery times in hospitals.

We’re proud to say that our acoustic solutions have already helped more than 338.000 students around the world to focus and concentrate better.

Discover the acoustic benefits of stone wool and how it can enrich your design
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Fresh air for a fresh mind

When designing interior spaces, there are major concerns around indoor pollutants. Luckily our products have the best-in-class indoor climate labels.

  • French VOC A+,
  • Greenguard Gold
  • Finish M1
  • Blue Angel
  • Singapore Green Building Product Certificate
  • Danish Indoor Climate Label

All of our acoustic solutions emit significantly less emissions than the WHO guidelines for indoor pollutants, and our 2nd generation binder emits a whopping 10x less than what is recommended by the WHO.

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Brighten your space


Light is vital for our psychological and physiological wellbeing. Choosing our acoustic solutions with high light reflection and diffusion can help you get you 11% more natural light and save up to 23% in electric lighting energy per year.


See how you can use a ceiling to create a bright place
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Fire resistant

When you install or renovate a ceiling, it’s vital to choose materials that don’t burn or assist the spread of fire. You need the opposite — safe, resilient materials that actually hinder flames.

Stone wool ceiling tiles have a very low calorific content. This makes them certifiably non-combustible and able to limit fire from spreading via their surface to other materials. Ultimately, this means stone wool ceiling tiles can buy precious time to both extinguish a fire and enable a safe evacuation.

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A sustainable solution that lasts

Our acoustic ceiling tiles are a robust solution, because they are durable and offer consistent performance. Stone wool is moisture resistant, so the ceiling tiles will never warp or sag, even in humid environments. They also maintain their acoustic properties over time, so you can be sure the ceiling sounds as great as it did the day it was installed.


Learn more about the durability of our products
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Safe to handle and live with

Sustainable design is about people just as much as it is about the environment. It is important to know that you can depend and trust the building materials that you use everyday.

Our stone wool products acoustic solutions are safe to live with, safe to install and safe to manufacture.

20190722_RW-RF_ILLUS_000300 ROCKWOOL stone wool products' safety has been documented in hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles over more than 55 years.
20190722_RW-RF_ILLUS_000300 The WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) exempts stone wool from its list of “possibly cancer causing agents”.
20190722_RW-RF_ILLUS_000300 Our stone wool core is certified to comply with the Note Q for safe mineral wool fibres of EU Regulations (EC) No 1272/2008 and Directive 97/69/EEC.


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Our products are certified by the most rigorous labels and standards in the world for both formaldehyde and VOC emissions.

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