Ensure speech clarity

It’s not easy partaking in meetings with noise that emerges from seemingly everywhere – which is typically the case in areas that are tucked near high foot traffic. Effective sound absorption and insulation allow for acoustic comfort and intelligibility, placing discussions at centre stage. 


NA, MultiFlex Fibral Baffles 12x48, Library, Office, Gensler Tampa Office, Gensler

Maintain speech privacy

Speech privacy is essential in spaces where team members come together for meetings and collaboration. Proper acoustic optimisation prevents sound leakage and ensures that private conversations are only heard by those who are meant to participate.


Consulting Room/Meeting Room with Rockfon Mono Acoustic in Spaces Platinium co-working office, Warsaw, Poland

Fuel collaboration

The design layout and aesthetic of a space can greatly influence the power of collaboration, and the most inspiring huddle zones are designed with a studied strategy. Available in a range of colours, textures, and shapes, Rockfon acoustic solutions combine customisable aesthetic appeal with high acoustic performance.


Open Plan Office in Ramberg Office in Sande i Vestfold Norway with Rockfon Color-all