Nuan, the design agency that had previously created Paytrail's headquarters in Jyväskylä, was in charge of designing the interior of the company's Tampere office. Sanna Laukanaho, Nuan's interior architect, says there was a significant change that took place in the office space when they decided to use an exposed concrete surface:

“Paytrail wanted workspaces that are consistent with the company's brand, that support employee well-being, and may be utilised for a variety of purposes, including team meetings and social events. We were already familiar with Paytrail's corporate culture, so we started by focusing on employees and their work activity. We worked closely with Paytrail to ensure that the whole space reflected the company's working culture while also providing a variety of working moods.”

Transforming Rockfon® Canva acoustic panels into a work of art

Paytrail's office is one of the first locations in Finland to use the new Rockfon Canva acoustic solution. This product range includes wall panels, floor screens and hanging dividers, allowing you to create flexible, feel-good spaces. It comes in Rockfon’s palette of 34 contemporary Colours of Wellbeing or you can create your own customised design. The canvases are detachable which mean you simply order a new canvas to refresh the look when tenants or room functions change.


Hämeenkatu 5

I imagined that glancing at the wall panels would trigger the imaginations of the Paytrail team. The cosmic theme which runs throughout the space allows for thinking and creativity whilst the colour schemes are meant to assist with the activities taking place in the area.

Sanna Laukanaho

Interior architect, Design agency Nuan Oy

Different sizes of Rockfon Canva have been used in shades of Sage, Sandalwood, Concrete, Eucalyptus, Mint and Coral. There are also bespoke canvases with graphics created by Laukanaho herself. The monochrome and patterned pairings create a one-of-a-kind art collection based on Paytrail's work culture.

"In the design process, it was critical to keep in mind that things are more than simply beautiful; they also have a practical purpose. For example, we wanted spaces that would boost and encourage social interaction as well as places for retreat and relaxation. Rockfon Canva support this vision," Laukanaho adds.

To improve the room acoustics, they suspended Rockfon Color-All® tiles in Sandalwood, Sage, and Charcoal and Rockfon Eclipse® islands in Eucalyptus, Mint, and Sage.

Installation is just like hanging art on the wall

Not only are Rockfon Canva acoustic panels a beautiful addition to any room, but they're also as easy to install as hanging a piece of wall art.

I was positively surprised by the high quality of Rockfon Canva. I can definitely recommend this to my other customers.

Matti Paananen

Managing director, Celtic-Rakennus Oy

"Installing Rockfon Canva was very fast. Acoustic wall panels usually require a framing system around them which requires drilling, screwing and fixing. However, installing Canva was like installing a regular picture on the wall," says Matti Paananen from Celtic-Rakennus Oy, who was responsible for the installation.

The acoustic panels were installed when the project was nearing completion when Paytrail was physically moving in it's furniture.

"Because Canvas panels are valuable and sensitive, we recommend that you install them as close to the moving-in date as possible. The only dust caused by the installation process is from the drill hole in the plaster or concrete."

Office employees praise the appearance of the acoustic panels

According to Jenni Penna, Paytrail's Market Place Team Lead, theirs is an open office where Rockfon acoustic solutions are installed in every corner. An open office environment requires good acoustics to function properly.

"The office workers have complimented the look of our acoustic panels. The illustrations are really eye-catching, but they don't distract from the work at all. Rockfon Canva panels fit in seamlessly with their surroundings, even though they are meant for absorbing sound."

Penna also notes that if their other offices needed a new acoustic solution, these wall panels would certainly be suitable:

"I have no doubt that a similar solution could be applied to our office in Jyväskylä, for example. It's always more interesting when you get unique elements on the wall and not just single-colored panels."

Paytrail Office, Tampere, Finland

Location:Tampere, Finland
Architect:Suunnittelemo Oy
Interior designer:Muotoilutoimisto Nuan Oy
Installer:Celtic-Rakennus Oy, Sisustus-Nummi Oy
Photographer:Mikko Käkelä
Tiles:Rockfon Canva® Wall panel, Rockfon Color-all®, Rockfon Eclipse®, Rockfon Eclipse® Customised, Rockfon Eclipse® wall panel
Edges:A, X
Dimensions:600 x 600, 1760 x 1160, 1800 x 600