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Recycled stone wool

59.000 tonnes of stone wool waste was recycled by the ROCKWOOL Group in 2023.

Recycled material

Our products contain up to 64% recycled content with every tile containing a minimum of at least 29% recycled content. Rockfon solutions are also made of recycled stone wool.


Countries where ROCKWOOL has established a recycling system

We keep the loop closed

Stone wool is a closed-loop, fully recyclable material. We don’t down cycle, in fact, our stone wool products can be recycled again and again without any change in their quality.

Our ROCKWOOL factories receive wool waste which we turn into briquettes and feed back to our production, instead of using virgin stone. By that, new high quality stone wool products are produced, with a high percentage of recycled content.

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Circularity built-in

We’re all about the circular economy and minimising the emissions and waste of the take, make and dispose model commonly found in the construction industry. Our acoustic solutions are made up of anywhere between 29% up to 64% of recycled materials and we do not use any scarce resources.

In some countries, after installation we can collect and recycle the offcuts and when it's time to retire our grids and acoustic ceiling solutions, we can do that too. We turn our products into new durable solutions again and again without affecting the quality or down-cycling them into other products with lower value.

Infographic illustrating what makes Rockfon products circular

Designed for disassembly & modularity

Modularity is another important aspect of sustainability. Rockfon’s acoustic solutions are adaptable to internal changes in physical space and refurbishment as they are manually removed without affecting the structure.

This is great because using building materials that are modular makes it possible to reuse when you need to make changes to spaces, rather than throwing them away.


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What is in it for you?


The construction industry diverts 1-2 billion tonnes of waste, or one-third of the global total waste to landfill, and we take that seriously.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we recycle whenever and wherever we can and we all have a key role to play.


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We support you recycling


We’ve created partnerships with waste handling companies in many countries around the world and together we help you contribute to a circular future.

Our partners help with sorting waste and transporting it back to our factories, where we use it to make new stone wool products.


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