Sleep well

Of travellers say a quiet hotel room is essential for a good night’s sleep.*

Noisy restaurants

Of people have left a restaurant early because of the noise.**

Noise exposure

The high noise level exposure of 25% of sports instructors working in surveyed pools and gyms.***

Give guests the best restaurant experience

Complaints about poor restaurant acoustics is a growing trend with customers voicing their opinions on TripAdvisor, Yelp or other review sites. Research from Zagat found that noise was the 2nd most common customer complaint in restaurants.

Whether you're designing a pop-up, fast food, casual dining or fine dining restaurant, our solutions can provide both an Instagrammable moment whilst taking care of the acoustics. Unique shapes or curves, an exposed soffit for an industrial vibe, a radical centrepience will all make your restaurant memorable.


FR, Restaurant 'Le Petit Sabayon', Morangis (Paris), Leisure, Rockfon Eclipse (island), A edge, 1760x1160x40, White, Restaurant

Provide the best movie experience

When going to the cinema, most people look forward to a pleasant experience with friends, a romantic evening with their partner or a fun trip with the family. The atmosphere is set in advance and the cinema's interior must live up to expectations.

Set the mood with coloured ceilings and great acoustics in the lobby, in sweet shops and at the ticket booth. Our brochure can help you make the right choices for your next cinema project. Enjoy.

Cinemes Centre Splau, Coloral Th 40 Black A-edge, Baffles Deco 40, leisure movie theatre

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