They currently have six locations throughout the St. Petersberg area, offering outstanding multi-purpose swimming facilities combined with fitness clubs, medical rooms, spa, and beauty salons, and more. Each branch offers specialized swimming and fitness programs that are catered to the needs of seniors, expectant mothers, children, athletes, and people with disabilities.

Acoustic solutions could only mean Rockfon

With over 800 square meters of pool area in each facility, most of the programs offered at Atlantic Pool branches are focused on the health benefits related to swimming, aqua-fitness, and other water sports. By catering to many diverse groups within each indoor pool facility, it is likely that a high level of noise will create discomfort and increased safety concerns.

To reduce noise and reverberation in the space, Chief Engineer of OOO Techglavstroy  Contractors, Eugene G. Ostanin chose Rockfon acoustic panels in yellow and white to create an optimal pool environment that is as beautiful to the eyes as to the ears.

Adding a touch of confidence with yellow

In addition to the product’s technical capabilities, Eugene explains that the decision was also largely driven by aesthetic needs for the space. Due to the Rockfon Color-all® wide range of colour options, he was able to find a harmonious blend of colours for the ceilings and wall panels used in each pool area. The product line’s Stucco colour was selected for the design, where its matte shade of yellow dominates the space to convey an uplifting and comfortable space. According to colour expert Sara Garanty, the shade of yellow has a long wavelength and will cause individuals to feel more confident, positive, and optimistic when exposed to the colour.

By implementing a design that combines aesthetics with great acoustics, the facility has been recognized for its quality through local awards, such as “Made in Petersburg” and “100 Best Russian Goods".

Atlantic Pool

Road to Turukhtannye Islands
6 building 2
St Petersburg


Atlantic Pool

Location:St. Petersburg, Russia
Tiles:Rockfon Color-all®, Rockfon Color-all®, Rockfon Sonar®

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