Resolving Noise Issues at CentrePoint Sport and Leisure Centre

CentrePoint Sport and Leisure Centre is located in Blayney Shire in the Central West region of New South Wales, some 325km from Sydney. The facility had been grappling with a persistent noise issue whenever the swimming pool was occupied. Determined to provide visitors with a more enjoyable experience, Blayney Shire Council took proactive measures to improve the acoustics as part of their roof renovation planning. This article highlights the successful collaboration between all parties and Rockfon, a leading provider of acoustic solutions, that resulted in the successful resolution of the noise problem using Rockfon Humitec Baffles.

Blayney Shire Council engaged Sydney based architecture firm Studio GA as their trusted consultant to design and oversee the renovation of the facility’s roof, including the provision of an appropriate acoustic treatment that would integrate with the architecture. Studio GA, turned to Rockfon for assistance in material selection and advice.

After a thorough evaluation of the acoustic requirements and challenges faced at the facility, Rockfon proposed Humitec Baffles as the ideal solution. These baffles were specifically chosen for their excellent acoustic properties and enhanced corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness even in a moisture-rich environment like a swimming pool. A significant aesthetic benefit over other acoustic options was the fact that Humitec baffles also provided uninterrupted light diffusion from the roof’s skylights, therefore reducing energy use from artificial lighting. 

Benefits of Humitec Baffles

The existing reverberation time at the centre was assessed at close to 5.0 seconds, contributing to the excessive noise levels. Through careful simulation and analysis, Rockfon demonstrated that the addition of Humitec Baffles could significantly improve the reverberation time to less than 2.0 seconds. This substantial reduction in reverberation time would greatly enhance the acoustic environment within the facility, creating a more comfortable space for swimmers and visitors.

The Humitec Baffles offered numerous benefits beyond noise reduction. With their corrosion-resistant class D, they are specifically designed to withstand the challenging and humid conditions typically present in aquatic and leisure centres, Humitec Baffles exhibit remarkable resistance to moisture and other corrosive elements commonly found in swimming pool settings.

Humitec Baffles are made from stonewool; a lightweight material that offers not only exceptional acoustic absorption properties, but also provides no sustenance to harmful microorganisms, making it a hygienic choice for an moisture-rich environments.

The micro-textured white, water-repellent fleece surface of Humitec Baffles offers an added benefit of light diffusion. This feature is particularly advantageous when paired with skylights, as it allows for soft, even distribution of natural light, creating a visually appealing atmosphere within the facility.

The total benefits of Humitec Baffles ensure durability and longevity with virtually no maintenance requirements, providing a cost-effective and sustainable acoustic solution.

Successful Implementation and Delighted Building Owner

The installation of the Humitec Baffles was completed in 2021, marking a significant milestone in the CentrePoint Sport and Leisure Centre's renovation journey. The building owner, Blayney Shire Council, expressed great satisfaction with the results achieved. The improved acoustic performance allows visitors to fully enjoy their aquatic activities without the intrusive noise disturbances experienced previously.

As CentrePoint Sport and Leisure Centre continues to serve as a community hub, this renovation project sets an example for other facilities facing similar noise challenges. By prioritizing acoustic comfort and investing in effective solutions, they can create spaces that promote well-being, enjoyment, and an overall enhanced experience for everyone.

Location:Sydney, Australia
Architect:Studio GA
Installer:Murphy Remedial Builder
Photographer:Brenton Cox
Tiles:Rockfon® Humitec Baffle
Dimensions:1200 x 600

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