Activity-based office design fostering well-being and flexibility

It is key that a workplace fosters productivity and to achieve this the environment needs to embrace employee well-being and create room for collaboration. To realize this L’Oréal reached out to interior design & architecture agency Maison Sarah Lavoine to design their new office campus in Paris, France.

The final result is an impressive office space considering multiple factors to ensure the optimal work conditions for their employees. The new office design takes departure in L'Oréal’s new concept “dynamic office” which allow each and every employee to arrange their working day according to their needs. The place is connected, structured and organized to meet all employees' expectations.

The activity-based design of the office gives the employees freedom and flexibility to work whenever and wherever they choose. This creates room for Informal meetings and exchanges among employees, and ultimately more innovation, creativity, co-development and productivity. The office space is fully connected with the latest digital technologies enabling everyone to work alone or with others in full freedom in the Paris office as well as globally.

Acoustic excellence and beautiful design

Because the design of workspaces is a key factor for employee success and well-being, the Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic solution was chosen to equip the new head office. The new campus called "Seine 62" brings together around 2,000 employees over an area of 48,000 m². This Rockfon monolithic ceiling has allowed the building to retain its modernity and design while providing a significant reduction in noise in common areas such as the restaurant, offices or the lobby.

The building was developed by BNP Real Estate with both “HQE exceptional” and “BREEAM excellent” certification. This has enabled L'Oréal, not only to create a productive and sound workspace, but also to meet their ambitious environmental targets.

The modern, digital and flexible workspace created with a wide variety of open, modular and bright spaces forms the perfect environment for more cooperation, encounters and interactions. This is a big step towards a more dynamic workspace for L’Oréal, and today more than 500 people work in “unassigned” workstations.

Headquarters L'Oréal Paris

62 Quai Charles Pasqua
92110 Levallois-Perret

Headquarters L'Oréal Paris

Location:Paris, France
Architect:DGM et Associés, B&B Architectes
Photographer:Sylvain Barthelemy
Tiles:Rockfon® Mono Acoustic
Edges:TE Elegant Render
Dimensions:1200 x 1200

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