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20210414 RW-RF ILLUS 686
Company news
18 Jul 2024

Rockfon Releases 2nd Gen Environmental Product Declarations for 160 Product Variants

Rockfon is proud to unveil a new version of product-specific Environmental Product Declarations, expanding coverage for 91 percent of total sales of acoustic solutions.

20210602 RW-RF ILLUS 724
Company news
27 Jun 2024

Rockfon Products Achieve Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver Version 4.0

As much as 86 percent of Rockfon acoustic solutions have achieved Silver Cradle to Cradle Certified® Version 4.0 accreditation.

20230516 RW-RF PHO 9360
Company news
15 Aug 2023

Rockfon Partners with Archival Studies for Reusable Exhibition Display Concept

Crafted out of plywood, the multi-use stand is an effort to support the transition towards a waste-free future in the events industry.

20201124 RW-RF PHO 007146
Product news
09 Mar 2023

Rockfon CleanSpace: Hygiene Acoustic Solution for Your Well-being

The Rockfon® CleanSpace™ range includes four acoustic ceiling tiles that are designed for environments with various hygienic requirements.

Rockfon Mono Architectural Selection-37
Product news
29 Sep 2022

Timeless Design for Your Interiors

Shape your interior with an awe-inspiring and outlasting architectural design to capture unwanted noise and everyone’s attention.

Rockfon Eclipse Customised - Video animation #2
Product news
26 Sep 2022

Custom Design: How to Bring Creativity in a Flexible Office Space

Support your flexible office hubs with custom shape and colour, combined with high quality sound absorption. Together let your imagination run free.

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