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Indoor climate and well-being
Health and safety
03 Aug 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Swimming Pool Acoustics

Why is it that some swimming facilities are calm havens, while others are centres of cacophony and chaos?

13 Jul 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Cinema Acoustics

Complete the cinema experience with the most suitable wall and ceiling acoustic solutions.

Rockfon Senses Office Environment #1
Industry trends
Interior design
05 Jun 2023

The Art of Human-Centric Design in the Workplace

Three leading experts weigh in on what it means to design offices that are truly human-centric.

Indoor climate and well-being
Interior design
08 Mar 2023

Caregivers: How to Design a Hospital to Foster Their Well-Being

Learn how to improve well-being for caregivers through hospital interiors by incorporating biophilic design, natural light, acoustics, and hygiene.

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21 Feb 2023

Expert Insights: Commonly Asked Questions About Acoustic Design

In this article, our Global Acoustics Ambassador answers 5 most asked questions to demystify acoustic design and help you solve your acoustic issues

Industry trends
21 Feb 2023

Office Design with the Principles of Less Waste and Circular Economy

Explore how a circular office design can help your business reduce waste, save money, and improve productivity while contributing to a better world.

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