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A Comprehensive Guide to Swimming Pool Acoustics

August 3, 2023

Why is it that some swimming facilities are calm havens while others are epicentres of cacophony? Acoustic strategies and performance make all the difference.

Swimming Pool Acoustics

The Jonfosse Swimming Pool in Liège, Belgium.

By their very nature as leisure destinations, swimming pools tend to harbour a significant amount of noise regardless of the pool type, average visitor age, or scheduled activities.

But that doesn’t need to be the case. By taking sound insulation and absorption measures, facility designers can tackle whatever noise levels might come their way.

And like all other products and materials used across the property, acoustic solutions such as ceilings and wall panels need to be selected strategically for durability considerations. After all, swimming pools witness high humidity, which can be detrimental to certain materials and configurations.

Choosing suitable acoustic solutions right from the start maximises durability, safety, and hygiene – and limits the need for any future renovations.


Leicester City FC Training Ground

Loughborough, England 

The hydrotherapy pool area at the Leicester City FC team’s training ground has both optimal sound control and a seamless, smooth aesthetic. “The system enabled us to elegantly transition into plasterboard perimeter upstand abutments,” said the ceiling installer Craig Wheatley.

Swimming Pool in Leicester City FC Training Ground in Leicester United Kingdom with Rockfon Mono Acoustic

Jonfosse Swimming Pool

Liège, Belgium

As a public facility with a broad social function, the Jonfosse Swimming Pool required outstanding acoustic soundscapes. Acoustic ceiling islands were placed above the swimming areas with a special corrosion-resistant suspension system to prevent reverberation while also contributing to light reflection.

Swimming Pool Jonfosse in Liège Belgium with Rockfon Pallas

Riverside Leisure Centre

Chelmsford, England

At this 40 MGBP centre, acoustic ceilings help balance the thermal mass energy-saving benefit. The project was awarded a “Very Good” BREEAM green building certification due to its energy efficient design.


UK, Riverside Leisure Centre, Chelmsford, Pick Everard, Leisure, Rockfon Scholar, Rockfon Color All, A24, A-edge, 1200x600x40, White, Aqua, ECR T24, Swimming Pool

Le Cap

Sartrouville, France

To diffuse the reverberation of materials like glass, curved shapes and porous materials were used to debilitate ambient sound. “We created triangular-shaped islands – like origami, because they grab sounds in the angles and help stop echoes,” said project architect Jean Michel Ruols.

Le Cap swimming pool fitness centre, Rockfon Color-all Charcoal, Ekla A-edge E-edge, leisure

Arts et Vie

Plozévet, France

After an 18-month construction process, the 4-star bungalow residence Arts et Vie opened with optimised acoustics that rely on stone wool tiles suspended from a grid system. “The visitors gave really good feedback. Even when there are children, there is no resonance,” said the building owner Vincent Berthy.

Centre de loisir Arts et Vie Plozevet, France, SONAR X-edge, B-edge, Chicago Metallic T24 Hook D850 ECR class D , 600 x 600, White, Philippe Gauthier, Arts et Vie, UBERAUM & Philippe Gauthier Architect

Puddle Ducks Swim School

Northwich, England

Once the acoustic ceiling was installed at this children's facility in Barons Quay, the noise level reading was dramatically reduced and is now well within the target adopted as a maximum permissible level of reverberation for the teaching pool.

Swimming Pool in Puddle Ducks Swim School in Northwich United Kingdom Rockfon CleanSpace Pro with A-Edge

Hotel Riverton Spa

Gothenburg, Sweden

The Hotel Riverton, Gothenburg's largest privately-owned hotel, was renovated in a 225 MSEK project. Colourful ceiling tiles add visual appeal to the swim spa.

Swimming Pool/Spa in Riverton Hotel Gothenburg Sweden with Rockfon Color-all linen colour in E-edge and Chicago Metallic T24 grid in Color-all linen


Champoluc, Italy

Rockfon Mono Acoustic seamlessly completes the minimal, rustic look of this tranquil spa pool.

IT, Camp Zero, Champoluc, Marco Maresca, Leisure, Rockfon Mono Acoustic, A-edge, 600x600x40