Creating a safe and healthy environment

Our acoustic ceilings, baffles and other products are all designed to both reduce sound and absorb noise to create high-end acoustic environments. This may seem trivial, but an environment that protects us from unwanted noise can have a huge positive impact on our physical health, wellbeing, learning capacity and social behaviour. As stated in our 2020 Sustainability Report, 1.8 million students with improved learning conditions due to acoustics solutions delivered to schools in 2020.

In addition to their acoustic properties, our solutions made of stone wool ensure that your building complies with the following health and safety standards.


Improved air quality

Buildings are essentially enclosed spaces. And as soon as we enclose a space, air quality becomes vital. Certain building materials emit undesired chemicals, pollutants or contaminants, and these don’t just smell bad, but they impact our health and ability to concentrate.

Our stone wool ceiling tiles are made with low-emitting materials, which helps to maintain healthy indoor air quality. It’s been awarded top-class indoor climate labels, like the French VOC A+, Greenguard Gold, Finish M1, Blue Angel and the Danish Indoor Climate Label. In fact, our products emit less formaldehyde than recommended in the WHO guidelines; and our 2nd generation binder products emit ten times less than WHO guidelines. So, when it comes to working with stone wool products, you can breathe easily.


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Harmless building materials

The fibres in stone wool are bio-soluble, so if you do happen to inhale some fibres, your body can dissolve them without impacting your health. And if you need to handle stone wool, the fibres do not cause any kind of chemical irritation or threat to your skin (although gloves are recommended to reduce the possibility of minor itching).

Stone wool has also been tested and studied more than any other building material in the world, and the results show that it is completely safe to manufacture, install and live with. Supported data derived from both REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) and the WHO (World Health Organization) prove that stone wool poses no risk to human health whatsoever (1). So, when it comes to health and safety, you can be sure stone wool is one of the best building materials available.


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Fire resistance and protection

But the benefits don’t stop there. Stone wool is also incredibly fire-resistant, which has a very high melting point and remains stable at high temperatures. This is the reason why our products receive the highest reaction to fire class certificate and guarantee an ideal component of a safe, healthy, fire resilient buildings.

If you want to know more about the fire properties of stone wool, please contact our Technical Department.


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Other product benefits