The importance of hygiene

A building’s materials play an important role in limiting the spread of bacteria and infection, and now more than ever it is key to evaluate how a building’s products will influence its environment.

When you’re looking to design an environment where cleaning and sanitation are necessary, our specially treated medical and hygienic line of products offer the ultimate solution that uphold the highest levels of cleanliness within a space.

Mould and mildew? No thanks!

Mould originates from fungus that reproduces through spores that float through the air and find a fertile ground to grow in damp, organic surfaces. According to the CDC, exposure to mould can have a harmful impact on our health, as it can cause skin and respiratory infections (1).

With our products, there is no need to use additives such as fungicides or antimicrobials to achieve mould-resistant properties. Since stone wool and metal products have no nutritional value, they do not provide sustenance to harmful micro-organisms and moulds that cause skin infections, pneumonia and other airborne illnesses.

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Easy care and cleaning

Proper cleaning and disinfection of building materials are proven methods to reduce and control the spread of infections. Designed to minimize maintenance time and costs, all our stone wool products can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a soft brush attachment.

In spaces where infection control is a major priority (I.e., hospitals, cafeterias, showers, etc.), our specially treated medical and hygienic ceiling solutions have a durable, highly water-repellent surface that allow cleaning with water and some diluted disinfectants. They can also be thoroughly disinfected twice a year using steam cleaning and an adapted surface mop.


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Other product benefits