Let the natural light stream in 

In the heart of Wood City, the gaming company Supercell has their state-of-the-art office base and there they're bathed in natural light. The focus was on wellbeing in every possible way of the interior design. They opted for light-reflecting acoustic ceilings and with the choice of a new pure white, adhesive acoustic ceiling tile from Rockfon Blanks As they got the perfect answer to the request. 

Rockfon offers outstanding solutions to fit the request

Throughout the office building a various of Rockfon acoustic ceiling and wall solutions are installed. They give a fine uniform surface, however one Rockfon product shine brighest. It’s the new Rockfon Blanka As that gives an outstanding finish will providing beautiful soundscapes. The office building can count for more than 5,000 acoustic suspended ceiling square meters.

Rockfon’s Regional Sales Manager, Tommi Loiri says the new product piloted in Wood City has been a success. The new Rockfon Blanka As completes the acoustic product range of suspended ceiling and wall damping panels.

“Wood City was a pilot project for Rockfon Blanka As and it proved to be a great reference for it. At Rockfon, we’re grateful that the product selection was successful in good cooperation with the architect, the client and the contractor.”

White acoustic surfaces effectively reflect indirect light

Indoor acoustics and natural light are some of the most important elements for wellbeing and comfort. And they’re big factors for today’s modern office design. The indirect lighting at the Wood City office was designing specifically for the needs of Supercell’s encoders. Acoustics, light reflection and lighting had to harmonise seamlessly together.

Contractor, Pekka Kuvaja from Rakenne-Tikka Oy says: “The architect’s view was that every surface should be uniform, white and perfectly reflect light.”

For the open-plan office, the contractor had originally thought to install Rockfon Koral, but the client fell in love with Rockfon Blanka’s white colour.

“We gave them a competitive product as an alternative, but Rockfon took the win. The surface is beautiful and has a calm look. I believe the customer is very satisfied.” Kuvaja states.

“Because of the site has indirect lighting, Rockfon Blanka fits the whole thing very seamless, and it adds value to it. Rockfon’s products can create both the acoustic attenuation and light reflection. Because of its whitest wool-based acoustic surface on the market.” Tommi Loiri adds.

Project Manager at Supercell, Janne Saarinen confirms that the target acoustic values for the facilities we set high.

“High-quality workspaces are our things. We set out to aim for Class A acoustics throughout the office building, and Rockfon’s product suited perfectly all measures. I believe that we’re at the forefront of acoustic implementation compared to other similar office buildings.” Saarinens says.

The outstanding acoustic colour palette

Rockfon Blanka As acoustic ceiling tiles has a coated edge with a smooth, matt and off-white special surface that repels dirt and makes the product very durable. The core made of natural stone wool adds the best possible A1 fire class to the pool.

The client didn’t stop with Rockfon Blanka As, they selected several acoustic products for the hallways, kitchen, lounge area and restaurant. They opted for the colourful palette of Rockfon Color-all offering 34 inspiring, bold and long-lasting colours to give the spaces a personality. The matte options suited the whole and each colour supports the room.

“This was a unique, memorable journey for many reasons. Wood City is a very modern office building and a major destination. At the same time, we had a new product that we got to pilot. And that’s a big win for us. We’re very satisfied with the positive feedback and the end-result speaks for itself.” says Tommi Loiri.

Wood City

Jätkäsaarenlaituri 1
00180 Helsinki


Wood City

Location:Helsinki, Finland
Architect:Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit Oy
Installer:Rakenne-Tikka Oy
Photographer:Markku Pajunen
Tiles:Rockfon Blanka®, Rockfon® CleanSpace Air
Edges:A, As
Dimensions:600 x 600, 1200 x 600

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