The designer combined these elements with eye-pleasing pastel colours, such as natural greens, blue sky, sea turquoise, warm sand yellow, and pastel pink. The entire space is complemented by furniture in soft upholstery. The combination of biophilic elements with pastels and pleasant-to-the-touch fabrics has created an enveloping and calming interior that has a positive effect on employees' well-being.

"There is a balance in this project. The office is not exaggerated or candy-coated. It provides employees with comfort within several senses: sight – natural, bright colors; hearing – excellent acoustics; touch and smell – structural, fragrant images of Rockfon Senses. The atmosphere here reduces stress and anxiety by creating space for quiet work," said Krzysztof Draber, interior designer at Comodo Group.

After entering the office, you can feel its cosiness immediately. The ceilings in the reception and corridors are decorated with round, suspended Rockfon Eclipse Customised islands in pastel colours. The same-shaped LED lights are spread throughout the space. Rockfon Lamella was installed with veneers in three colours on the bright walls: light oak, oak, and smoked oak. By combining the beauty of natural wood with excellent sound absorption qualities, unwanted noise are reduced in the entrance, reception, and conference rooms.

This small but efficient office is open-concept, divided into two parts by pretty acoustic partitions called Rockfon Canva. These double-sided panels are hung from the ceiling and not only act as decoration, but enhance acoustics too.

Rockfon Senses wall panels, made of pressed moss, alpine flowers, grasses, and leaves, were hung on the walls. You can feel the textures under your fingers, giving off a delicate smell of forests and meadows that floats throughout the room.

To create a three-dimensional effect, Rockfon Color All ceiling panels were placed on the walls of small rooms. The usage of the same color for both wall and panel creates an immersive experience. In the large conference room, almost every inch of the wall is filled with Rockford Canva; designed to look like solidified lava. This graphic image was broken into smaller and larger pieces to achieve this affect.

Rockwool GBS - biuro w Warszawie

Architect:arch. Krzysztof Draber, Comodo Group
Photographer:Bartosz Makowski
Tiles:Rockfon Canva® Floor screen, Rockfon Canva® Wall panel, Rockfon Color-all®, Rockfon Eclipse® Customised
Dimensions:600 x 600, 800 x 800, 1200 x 1200, 1760 x 1160, 1800 x 600

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