Inspired by how different colours affect us psychologically, Ramberg chose a palette of natural colours for their new office premises, to create calm, comfortable interiors throughout the building. 

Matching colour themes in all rooms

Blues, pinks, greens and earthy tones have been used extensively on the walls and ceilings in the meeting rooms, open plan offices, corridors, kitchen area and gymnasium. Floor to ceiling panoramic windows provide plenty of natural daylight whilst concrete and stone on some of the floors and walls provide an industrial feel. 

Ramberg has experimented with coloured ceilings 

We supplied B-edge ceiling tiles in Coral, Eucalyptus, Azure and Moon from our Rockfon Color-all range. They were adhered directly to the soffit with the services painted in a matching colour were on show to reinforce the industrial feel of the space. 

In Ramberg's offices, they have dared to experiment with colours, where the colourful ceilings are used as an aesthetic tool as well as providing Class A sound absorption.

Rockfon District Manager, Bjørn Egges: 'Ramberg has taken colours seriously and created different interactions and moods in each room. When you enter the different rooms, you get a real "boost effect", and get a completely different impression than if the rooms had been painted completely white. You can’t help but be happy with all the beautiful colours.’

Ramberg office

Orhusveien 1
3070 Sande i Vestfold

The Rockfon Color-all ceilings gives an extra stylish and industrial effect. The whole colour concept throughout the building is really unique.

Bjørn Egge

Rockfon District Manager

Colours influence us and our everyday life

We know that colours can affect everything from mood to concentration. The use of colours in interior design is therefore important not only for the aesthetic point of view but also for our well-being, comfort, and energy in any space.

“Colour is light, and light is energy. Therefore, colours are energy that influence everything we do. Among other things, colours have the potential to make us relax, focus, and gain more energy. And it makes it obvious to use colours actively in the decor to evoke emotions and moods”, says Sara Garanty, Interior Architect and Colour Expert.

Sara Garanty believes that if you use colors more consciously in the interior design, it's possible to design spaces that make a real difference for the user. Colours can help us increase productivity, reduce stress, or increase better sleep patterns.

This colour psychology is being applied to more colourful ceiling designs now being seen in more interiors.

"More and more architects are demanding colourful ceilings for their projects, small and large. Before it was mostly white and black, but now it's colours that matter. Colours have the property of brightening up offices or public premises such as shopping malls and hospitals. Ramberg's offices are a good example of how they have used the correct colours in a correct way", Egge concludes.

Read more about the use of colours and how to design with colours at Rockfon Colours of Wellbeing.

Colour is light, and light is energy. Therefore, colours are energy that influence everything we do.

Sara Garanty

Interior Architect and Colour Expert.

Ramberg office

Location:Sande, Norway
Tiles:Rockfon Color-all®
Dimensions:600 x 600

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