Giving the right first impression with design-friendly spaces

A hospital isn’t normally associated with a warm, welcoming environment. While focusing on the purpose of why being in the hospital, the surrounding chaos with loud noises, many people and white, sterile walls don’t add on positive aspects. But with the new modernisation of the reception area and emergency room at Children’s Health Center, the focus shifted and now it gives the patient a good feeling when entering the hospital.

The core of the hospital such as the emergency room and the clinic reception hall, are places that create a first impression and influence the overall feeling of the entire experience of visiting a hospital with a patient. In such places, it’s particularly important to design friendly spaces that will soften the image of the entire facility.

The architectural office Kuryłowicz & Associates handles the design, and they opted for Rockfon who donated its specialised acoustic ceilings Rockfon MediCare Plus to the healthcare facilities and Rockfon Eclipse ceiling islands for the waiting areas and hallways.

A soundproof experience for a multifunctional space

The greatest challenge for the architects: Aleksandra Czubaszek-Siluch, Katarzyna Woźniak and Piotr Żabicki from the Kuryłowicz & Associates office were to reorganise the space to compliment the needs of all users while supporting the function of the reception hall and give a soundproof experience.

The architecture of a hospital needs to focus on atmosphere and sound quality to create a proper atmosphere that will provide patients and caregivers with comfort, safety and health. The aesthetics and standard of hospital interiors have a huge impact on the psychological comfort of children and adolescents staying here.

Children's Hospital Warsaw

al. Dzieci Polskich
20 · 04-730 Warsaw

Everything we do to revitalize the hospital is for effective diagnostics and safe treatment. Our goal is to provide the patient, his family and staff with safe and comfortable conditions.

Marek Migdał, MD, PhD


Children's Hospital Warsaw

Architect:arch. Aleksandra Czubaszek-Siłuch - Kuryłowicz & Associates
Photographer:Bartosz Makowski
Tiles:Rockfon Eclipse®, Rockfon MediCare® Plus, Rockfon® Koral
Dimensions:600 x 600, 1160 x 1160, 1200 x 600

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