Unique light diffusion through a glass roof

Lysgården is one of the world’s most modern and innovative office buildings with its unusual design. It is a part of the district Sluppen in Trondheim, called New Trondheim. The district connects technology and industry, and the focus here is buildings of the future. We are happy that around 6000 Rockfon acoustic baffles are installed. They are hanging down in the airy and bright rooms in Lysgården. Their meticulous suspension creates a sharp pattern with a unique atmosphere. The baffles give sun blind through the glass roof and divide the light into small stripes of sun and shade-giving the same effect as the leaves of the treetops in a forest. 

The light in combination with glass is an essential element in this eye-catching building. The construction of the building counts six floors and each office level has the flexibility to adjust its interior to different solutions to fit from 80 to 180 workspaces. 

Thousands of baffles for a ‘wow-effect

The building is a cooperation between Kjeldsberg AS and Veidekke Eiendom, and tenants are Veidekke, Sweco, DNV GL and Kinly. 
The goal for Lysgården was to be one of the world’s most modern office buildings with all technology available from Siemens’ app services. The main concept behind the project is to use modern technology to save energy. Lysgården has extreme qualities when it comes to architecture, choice of materials and technical solutions from Siemens. The assistance from the App enables control over the entrance, light and temperature as well as booking of meeting rooms. 
The spectacular cafeteria generates a “wow-effect”. But most importantly, this is a building where people feel good.

For the architect, Kjell Bertelsen at HUS Arkitekter, it has been important to create good working spaces with lots of daylight. There is also a lot of exposed concrete in both walls and ceilings, which in addition to a nice visual expression also gives a more stable temperature and a better indoor climate. The result is an effective and stylish building that stands out as a landmark.

A sustainable choice for the future  

The system of the many sound-dampening baffles hanging everywhere is made with a precise suspension. It creates a clear pattern with a unique light whim. The ambition was to seek new ways to make comforting spaces, and the thousands of Rockfon baffles hover under the glass roof as sunshades with the same effect as the leaves of the treetops in a bright forest. 

The building can reward itself with both being environmentally certified as a passive house with a BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) Excellent certificationThe certification came as Lysgården uses brand-new technology to become the world's most modern office building. 

Let us talk about sound absorption 

With around 6.000 acoustic baffles suspended from the ceiling, Lysgården has an exceptionally good sound absorption. That is one of the core stone in an open-plan office landscape. They reduce noise from colleagues and lower the ceiling, Lysgården has an exceptionally good sound absorption
That is one of the core stone in an open-plan office landscape. 
They reduce noise from colleagues and lower the reverberation to provide a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.  

Thanks to the combination of stunning aesthetics and technical performance the baffles are perfect for modern office buildings. In Lysgården, Rockfon Contour® baffles are installed in the open offices and Rockfon Multiflex Baffles are installed in the atrium. It created the perfect harmony of a minimalistic impression and freedom of design. 


Rockfon Multiflex Baffle has been replaced by Rockfon® Industrial™ Baffle. 

Lysgården, Norway

Sluppenvegen 19
7037 Trondheim

The baffles help to provide sun protection through the glass roof, which provides a truly unique light experience.

Kjell Bertelsen


Lysgården, Norway

Location:Trondheim, Norway
Architect:HUS Arkitekter
Photographer:Erik Burås
Tiles:Rockfon® Contour
Dimensions:1200 x 300

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