Designed in collaboration between 3RW and Lusparken Arkitekter, Sundebygget is a new student centre in the Ålesund branch of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Located at the centre of the campus, the 220 MNOK, 4 902 sqm mixed-use building was conceived as the "pulsating heart of the campus" and includes 84 student dormitories, breakout spaces, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, a cafe-bar, a rooftop terrace, and more.

Rockfon Color-all acoustic ceiling tiles in the Scarlet, Fresh, and Chalk colours were installed across different areas of the building, contributing to a dynamic colour zoning concept.

A Colourful Ceiling Design Concept 

The architects developed a clear identity in terms of building organisation, colour and material use, and wayfinding. "We wanted the building to help emphasise the colourful and thriving student environment and be a showcase for the activities on NTNU Ålesund campus. The student building was given a neutral exterior that adapts to the use of materials on campus and a colourful interior that is exposed via the open glass facades. All interior surfaces have the colour or quality of the materials used. There are no white surfaces", said Kai Rune Bakke, partner at Lusparken Arkitekter.

The building's exterior complements the bright brick buildings on campus. Inside, the building is vibrant with bold colour choices across the walls, flooring, and ceilings in combination with polished concrete and pine veneer.

The colour concept of the building's interior is based on buildings in Jugendstil in Ålesund. Emphasis was placed on giving the building a comprehensive colour profile, with thematic variations that distinguish the areas from each other. The colours vary according to the room's function and user group.

Colourful Ceiling Tiles for Thematic Areas

Named The HUB, the atrium acts as a central point and is a key area for the student design centre. Both here and in the bar and black box, the soft and refined are combined with the industrial.

The 4 500 m² student centre serves all sorts of functions for students, ranging from housing to diverse meeting spots. In a common area that acts as a central hub, Rockfon Color-all acoustic ceiling tiles in the Scarlet colour provide Class A noise control while matching the shade of the walls, richly interfacing with wooden touches across the staircase and other areas. 

The common areas with the bar in the basement and the HUB have Rockfon acoustic ceilings in the colour Scarlet – a rich red – with a matching-coloured profile system. The deep red shade continues across the steel, panels, furniture, and the bar and emphasises the industrial character that is formed together with polished concrete and veneer. The tile colours also match the shade of the walls, richly interfacing with wooden touches across the staircase and other areas. Similarly, Rockfon Color-all in Scarlet with matching flooring develop energy in a distinctive fitness area.

Rockfon Color-all in the Chalk shade is also used in all system ceilings that have wood wool cement. It provides a uniform surface where the profiles from Rockfon become a naturally integrated part of the ceiling, and the black box has a black system ceiling with black profiles.

Upstairs on the second floor, a calm, relaxed atmosphere dominates the SIT offices and a common meeting room area, where the architects were looking to develop a calmer atmosphere. Rockfon Color-all ceiling tiles in the colour Fresh, a soft blue, are combined with blue office interior and a warm yellow floor allowed for that relaxed atmosphere.

Dormitory Design with Colourful Ceiling Tiles

The colour concept continues across the student dorms. "Each floor was given its own colour combination. Starting from the blue colour of the ceiling, we worked out three wall colours that were used in three different colour contrasts: red-blue, red-green, and green-blue", explains Kai Rune Bakke.

The rooms are in warm, soft, and relaxing colours. The common areas have a more expressive use of colour, and Rockfon Color-all acoustic ceiling tiles were installed in the colour Fresh with a matching-coloured profile system.

The colours from the ceilings and walls are carried across the furniture and fixtures. "With large plants, Sundebygget has become as colourful and lush as we had hoped", he concludes.

All interior surfaces have the colour or quality of the materials used. There
are no white surfaces.

Kai Rune Bakke

Partner, Lusparken Arkitekter AS
Architect:Lusparken and 3RW arkitekter
Interior designer:Lusparken and 3RW arkitekter
Installer:Moelven Modus
Photographer:Arkitekturfoto v/Alex Coppo
Tiles:Rockfon Color-all®
Dimensions:600 x 600

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