Nestled within the historic walls of the former Raiffeisenbank, the Wegscheider Office Solution buzzes with daily office activities, including a multitude of phone calls. Recognizing the significance of fostering a serene and productive environment, the company embarked on a mission to minimise distractions arising from colleagues' conversations. They sought to diminish sound propagation between workstations and reduce reverberation time, all while seamlessly integrating visually appealing acoustic solutions into their contemporary interiors.

Unleashing the Power of Captivating Design 

Commanding attention within the office space is the ceiling, which now boasts 51 mesmerizing Rockfon Contour Wave baffles. These elegantly crafted wave-shaped baffles transcend mere functionality, seamlessly blending into the overall aesthetic of the room. Not only do they possess remarkable sound absorption capabilities, but their flowing contours instill a sense of calm and relaxation, elevating the workspace's ambiance to new heights.

The office's transformation extends beyond the ceiling. Rockfon Canva hanging dividers have been instrumental in providing privacy within open work areas. Thoughtfully chosen colors form a harmonious visual tapestry, effortlessly complementing the existing furnishings. As for the Rockfon Senses wall absorbers, their organic material surfaces infuse the rooms with both acoustic and visual tranquillity, resulting in a haven of calm.

A Harmonious Fusion of Tranquility and Functionality

The Wegscheider Office Solution's partnership with Rockfon has yielded transformative results. By minimising distractions and optimizing sound quality, employees now enjoy an environment that nurtures focus and boosts productivity.

Wegscheider Contour Wave

Kirchenplatz 3


Wegscheider Contour Wave

Location:Heßdorf-Hannberg, Germany
Installer:Kaiser Trockenbau GmbH
Tiles:Rockfon® Contour

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