Custom Design: Let Your Imagination Run Free with Rockfon® Eclipse Customised Islands

Bring personality, style, and acoustic excellence to your interiors with our Rockfon Eclipse Customised Islands. Unleash your creativity to custom design in any shape, form, and colour a modular space without unwanted noise.

rockfon eclipse customised

Rockfon® Eclipse Customised islands in office settings

Custom-Built Design Opens the Door to Better Performance

Harvard Business Review highlights that if a company wants to achieve project milestones, team members need to physically meet and interact. And modular office settings can help, since communication, creativity, and collaboration flow better and more regularly in this environment.

Custom-built interiors tap perfectly into the modular office approach. As offices evolve from the traditional tightly packed desk layout to a dynamic, open-plan space, workspace design should be agile to accommodate creativity and promote different work modes, with multi-purpose spaces and zones. By opting for custom-built designs, occupiers can strengthen their brand identities and bring may personal and professional benefits to the workplace.

A Holistic Custom-Designed Working Environment Supports Creativity

A bespoke workplace facilitates and develops creativity, one of the most valuable currencies in the global economy. Creativity equals productivity, where an organisations’ ability to constantly innovate their products and services is directly linked to the company’s growth.

A creative workspace should make employees feel comfortable, and it’s important to provide the tools and resources they need to be productive. It includes things like adequate floorspace, comfortable furniture and hubs for different work modes. Replacing dull mass-produced furniture with a customised modular design will be uplifting for employees.


Bespoke Designs Embraces Shapes, Colours, and Nature Inspiration

Colour and its influence on human beings has been in the spotlight in the past few years. Seeing a colour kicks off a physical experience followed by the brain’s hypothalamus obtaining the information that governs our metabolism, behavioural patterns, and emotional responses. [link to Colours of Wellbeing]

Colour triggers an emotional response beyond mood-setting and feel of the space – it can be directly linked to better physical well-being. An office interior colour palette should go beyond the traditional neutral shades, since bright colours bring a burst of energy and liveliness into the space. In other words, designs with custom colours should strike the right balance between comfort, warmth, neutrality, and nature-inspired designs.

Custom artwork and contemporary art installations help to create a curated work environment, which can reflect a companies’ vision and values in a tailor-made experience which feels creative. Straight lines are being slowly replaced by curves and smooth edges to add a comfortable and casual vibe.  By incorporating these new trends in both wall art and ceilings, they help make a statement, change the feel of a space, and visualise the brand identity.

Overall, the holistic custom-built design approach is an opportunity to create different zones to encourage employees to think outside the box.

Create a Picture Perfect and Hassle-Free Design with Rockfon® Eclipse Customised

It’s time you unleash your creativity with Rockfon Eclipse Customised. This product gives you complete freedom to customise interior elements, combining unique personalities and style with acoustic excellence.

With best-in-class sound absorption, these suspended acoustic island solutions can create a collaborative, peaceful environment, where people can feel happy, comfortable, and productive. In addition, the modular design gives you possibilities to complement your space with various shapes and sizes.

The performance of our Eclipse products is simply outstanding. It’s up to you to design now. You can underline your corporate design communication by introducing colour into the office or use it as wayfinding to direct your occupants or guests with these customised islands. You have complete freedom to design how you want, and I can’t wait to see what your creativity will bring to your interior with these new options.

Marie Oskarsson

Rockfon Product Manager

You can play with any imaginable shape and colour combination, or you can work with our designer-curated colours of well-being chosen specifically to energise, focus, relax or inspire occupants. It’s the cost-efficient way to bring both character and acoustic harmony to multipurpose, modern interiors. 

Let your imagination run free with Eclipse Customised Islands and panels in any style, shape or colour. Get started and welcome the personality, style, and beautiful acoustics into your design.

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